Our Vision and Our Mission

In a recent interview, we were asked for the vision and mission statements for the shop which met a sheepish confession that we’d never articulated either.  So we thought we’d better write them. Vision statement: To build and nurture a community of artisans and hand made enthusiasts founded on passion and purpose.  A space that is fuelled by human connection. … Read More

It’s a fashion rEVOLution

It’s fashion revolution week, a global movement asking for transparency in the fashion industry and a reminder to ask ‘who made my clothes?’ The provenance of things has always been important in our stock selection and this extends to our recent foray into fashion. In addition to being mindful of the maker and the origin/composition of the fabric, we have … Read More

Our Team (Happy IWD 2019)

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019, an occasion not unnoticed by our all girl team here at Onegirlstudio. Despite our title and our size, Onegirlstudio is not a one woman show.  As a fledgling startup, our little shop has been unable to sustain life for any one staff member, so we are grateful for a special team of women … Read More

My Favourite Things by Elise Wensley

These are a few of my favourite things.  I honestly do feel like Julie Andrews when in Onegirlstudio as I am surrounded by all of my favourite things. This small space is full of so many wonderful pieces it is hard to choose a top  3, but I gave it a go for you readers. I can never walk past … Read More

How to shop consciously | our interview with Place Graceville

Our friends at Place Real Estate have been showing support to local businesses in their informative video series.  They recently asked us for four tips on how to shop consciously and this is what we said: Many shoppers may not be mindful of the power they hold in their spending choices.  Every dollar spent can be considered a vote for … Read More

Local is lovely – Brisbane makers in store K-M

Katrina Johnson Katrina Johnson is a versatile Brisbane based creative, possibly best known for a stint with her husband Mark on (the TV show) The Block a few years ago! More recently, Katrina creates a varied range of handcrafted products and homewares, including ‘Himmeli’ – traditional decorative hangings from Finland, individually handmade using wheat straw and string. From her Brisbane studio, Katrina creates her own contemporary versions of … Read More

Local is lovely – Brisbane makers in store – A-J

We love local.  We are grateful for the incredible talent in our local community who trust us with their beautiful hand made wares.  Here are some of them (in alphabetical order): Aqua Door Designs Aqua Door Designs is Angela Richardson – a textile designer based just down the road (actually).  Angela is committed to creating unique and colourful home wares the … Read More

Our 15 minutes

Peppermint magazine is a beautiful and substantial magazine based in Brisbane and we were so grateful to be included in Issue 34! Here is what we said:   Name(s) of the store owner(s)?  If multiple, are you any relation to each other? As the name suggests, it’s just me: Lijean Beier (spelling nightmare!)   How did the store come about? … Read More

Go Girls (You got this!)

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD), an occasion not unnoticed by our all girl team here at Onegirlstudio. Despite our title and our size, Onegirlstudio is not a one woman show.  Along with our lovely shop girls Sally and Kait, all our class teachers and all the makers we represent happen to be female and we believe it is their … Read More

Pepe Heykoop + Tiny Miracles Foundation

The paper vase covers designed by Pepe Heykoop for Tiny Miracles have been with us from the start. The paper vase covers, lamp shades and wallpaper leaves that we stock in store, are made by women of the Pardeshi community in Mumbai as part of a ten year project which aims to have the community self sufficient and flourishing.  Here … Read More