My Favourite Things by Elise Wensley

These are a few of my favourite things. 

I honestly do feel like Julie Andrews when in Onegirlstudio as I am surrounded by all of my favourite things. This small space is full of so many wonderful pieces it is hard to choose a top  3, but I gave it a go for you readers.

I can never walk past the delicate ceramic garden beds by ceramicist Jo Norton without feeling warm inside. They are so beautiful and playful, I am constantly rearranging them and placing various precious things in each pot. The one I have at home is forever evolving with each fading bouquet of flowers or flora I find on my walk home. Jacarandas have been owning this space recently. 

Another item that I can endlessly stare at are the intricate framed seaside treasures made by Megan Gardiner (Semblance). These beauties are filled with meticulously placed tiny sea shells, coral and other bits and pieces. I am enthralled by tiny things in any context so when I saw these lovely framed tiny shells I was mesmerised. We have gifted these to many people for various occasions and they are always perfect.

I am always collecting postcards, prints and artwork and the walls of my bedroom are constantly evolving so when I saw the adjustable hanging frames by Corner Block Studio I bought one immediately… and one for my sister! The simple wood and string look perfect with any print and there are different stains of wood for you to choose.

Good luck with all your Christmas shopping, I know you will find something special in Onegirlstudio. 

You can be sure that whatever makes its way out the door with you will be in…

Brown paper packages tied up with strings.

These are a few of my favourite things…

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  1. Thankyou so much…
    I love that you love my gardens beds as much as I do and that feeling you get when you walk into the store is exactly how I feel
    When I drop off some
    Pieces so many wonderful things xx

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