Go Girls (You got this!)

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD), an occasion not unnoticed by our all girl team here at Onegirlstudio.

Despite our title and our size, Onegirlstudio is not a one woman show.  Along with our lovely shop girls Sally and Kait, all our class teachers and all the makers we represent happen to be female and we believe it is their work that largely helps distinguish us from other stores.

IWD’s call for 2017 is Be Bold for Change which aims to encourage us to ‘call on the masses or call on ourselves to help forge a better working world’ for both men and women.

Our Interior Design practice commits to this by going beyond current trends to deliver functional, meaningful and beautiful environments for life and living; that strive to promote human connection and elevate the ordinary.

We are grateful for your support of our small, independent business which we hope will steadily contribute to changing the retail landscape to be inclusive of small batch makers and women led business.

Love your ladies.  Happy International Women’s Day!

(Photo by our lovely customer and favourite yogi Lib Hucker @libyoga on instagram)

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