Pepe Heykoop + Tiny Miracles Foundation

The paper vase covers designed by Pepe Heykoop for Tiny Miracles have been with us from the start.

The paper vase covers, lamp shades and wallpaper leaves that we stock in store, are made by women of the Pardeshi community in Mumbai as part of a ten year project which aims to have the community self sufficient and flourishing.  Here is an excerpt from our update from Tiny Miracles Foundation:

“Now, after 3 years, we provide employment to over 120 women and support their entire community (700 people) with education, healthcare and a lot of fun activities. It’s really wonderful and satisfying to see that the community itself now sees that they are able to break their own poverty cycle to become self-supporting, healthy and happy people. For themselves, and for generations to come. This was always our mission. With every sale we/you make a direct impact on the lives of the people of the community.”

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