QUT Impact Lab 4

Outstanding Submissions


QUT Impact Lab 4 Students have undertaken a project designing an installation to accommodate a Onegirlstudio pop up shop in Brisbane’s cultural precinct in South Brisbane.

This project requires students to consider Design Activism and Hyperlocalism and participate in design toward CHANGE.  They are asked to question how design can play a role in giving people the voice to choose their own way of thinking and acting themselves to be agents of change within and beyond boundaries.  These are some of the most outstanding submissions.


How can design affect social change?  And what is Design Activism?  Arguably, design activism is ‘a response to particular contemporary conditions of geopolitical change, social conditions, economic practices and environment challenges.  It nonetheless inherits a rich history that goes back as long as design itself.’ (1)


Successful installation design requires a combination of intrigue and clarity; instant communication and curiosity; expression and interaction.  We might borrow from Brian O’Doherty’s poetic description of the gallery space. ‘Some of the sanctity of the church, the formality of the courtroom, the mystique of the experimental laboratory joins with chic design to produce a unique chamber of aesthetics.’ (2)



(1) Design Activism and Social Change 7 – 10 September 2011, Universidad de Barcelonaand Foment de les Arts Decoratives Barcelona, Spainhttp://www.designhistorysociety.org/events/annual_conference/index.htm

(2) O’Doherty, B., (1976) Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space.University of California Press: Berkeley, Los Angeles.


Cooper Angus


Elise Hatchman

Elise Hatchman_AS1428 Installation_IL4

Gregory Tants
Impact Lab 4 x One Girl Studio Final


Sarah Kavanagh



Shanon Mead

Shanon Mead_IL4_Project_Extended version