Our Team (Happy IWD 2019)

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019, an occasion not unnoticed by our all girl team here at Onegirlstudio.

Despite our title and our size, Onegirlstudio is not a one woman show.  As a fledgling startup, our little shop has been unable to sustain life for any one staff member, so we are grateful for a special team of women who choose us as their side gig to otherwise amazing adventures.  In case you don’t already know, we would love to share their stories with you:

Sally Gomersall has been with us from the very start; her warmth and sweetness (which is regularly remarked upon) belies intense nursing studies and many hours of community service both local and abroad.  We think she’s a bit of a hero.

Kait Barker is a talented portrait and wedding photographer impersonating a sometimes shop girl.  Her work has been published in numerous wedding journals and she is regularly shooting events interstate and overseas.  Please find out more about her beautiful business by grace images HERE.

Andrea Wensley is a mother of 3 who speaks five languages.  In addition to professional studies, Andi is also a ceramicist and silversmith and completes all our in house sewing.  Andi’s gift giving nature keeps our little team incredibly spoilt.

Linda Corallo is also a mother of 3 and occasionally shop girls in addition to a big job with an airline. Linda’s genuine love of people, handmade work and gift wrapping makes her a perfect fit for our little shop.

Elise Wensley comes to our rescue when we are in a pickle.  She is a film student who is also a professional writer and contributor to the very special feathersome journal (please click through to find out more-a perfect read for IWD).

In addition to these women, we are super grateful for our many collaborators and friends (most of whom are female) and for the good men who support us all.

If you are still reading, thank you for making it this far and thank you for your support of our small, independent business which we hope will steadily contribute to changing the retail landscape to be inclusive of small batch makers and women led business.

Love your ladies.  Happy International Women’s Day!

(Photo by our lovely customer and favourite yogi Lib Hucker @lib_yp on instagram- we are aware that we have recycled this image from 2017, but we still can’t beat it!)


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