How to shop consciously | our interview with Place Graceville

Our friends at Place Real Estate have been showing support to local businesses in their informative video series.  They recently asked us for four tips on how to shop consciously and this is what we said:

Many shoppers may not be mindful of the power they hold in their spending choices.  Every dollar spent can be considered a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

Here are our four tips on how to shop consciously:

Tip 1 | Shop Local

Putting your money where your house is keeps your neighbourhood vibrant and flourishing, which is good for everyone.  Likewise, purchasing locally made and Australian made product is an investment in our collective futures.

Tip 2 | Shop Small + Independent

Small and independent businesses make for the most dynamic and exciting sector in the Australian economy.  A healthy small business sector is also vital for high employment opportunities, yet small businesses are under-reported in media and largely overlooked by all sectors of government.  Small business can only survive with customer support. (We need you).

Tip 3 | Ask who made your stuff

Because fair trade should be the norm.

Tip 4 | Decline Packaging

Resist taking a bag with your purchases or bring your own.  However, at onegirlstudio, our bags are made of waste product and support people in desperate circumstances, so please take one and re-use it.  Please see our previous post on our packaging for more information.

You can also view the video HERE.

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