Onegirlstudio Braille Artwork ‘I’m every woman it’s all in me’


‘i’m every woman it’s all in me’ (famously sung by Chaka Kan and Whitney Houston and even once together)

This hand crafted, braille inspired piece will never be replicated; it’s ready to hang or sit and is constructed from low voc paint (in navy blue) on eco ply.

It measures 240 x 240 x 35mm.

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‘Vision, the most dominant of our senses, plays a critical role in every facet and stage of our lives. We take vision for granted, but without vision, we struggle to learn to walk, to read, to participate in school and to work.’

Braille delivers literacy and independence to the vision impaired but it is also graphically striking in its simplicity and unique in its potential as another (sometimes secret) language to the sighted.

‘These tiny dots support those with a visual disability to live independently, attain their desired level of education, increase their chances of employment and enable them to interact with communities just like everyone else.’

Quotes by Braille House

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