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AMPFLY hand build portable bluetooth speakers (with a radio + USB port) from mostly recycled electronic waste diverted from landfill.  Parts re-purposed include: computer batteries, switches, wiring, computer fan grills, speaker drivers, radio/bluetooth antennas, bi-cycle tyres, terminal blocks (from traffic lights) and ex-army ammunition cases. This recycling also enables the sourcing of high quality components which would otherwise be too expensive to purchase brand new.

But that’s not all.  On top of their environmental stewardship, AMPLFY is mostly a social enterprise employing disadvantaged youth, people with disabilities and the long term unemployed through Substation 33, based in Logan.

By 2019, the bluetooth speaker market is estimated to be worth over $7 Billion (PRNewsWire 2014) yet building speakers was originally a side project for Brad who, after graduating from university, moved to Cambodia to assist women with HIV to generate a sustainable income.

Brad contends this market remains one of the most saturated and competitive industries in the world. “They are mass produced speakers which look the same, sound the same, offer no benefit to society and ultimately end up as landfill.”

“What’s more, some of the biggest brands in the industry are earning millions of dollars, profiting off cheap electronics sold at premium prices, where the people on the ground floor, actually building the speakers (whose jobs are likely to become automated) aren’t learning a valuable skill, nor are they earning enough money to live comfortably.”

“The AMPLFY mission is to provide an alternative, where portable speakers are better for the environment and are hand-crafted by their community, who are able to learn new skills, whilst earning additional income.”  (As told to our friend, Tara Castle of charityspam)

We are incredibly proud to be AMPLFY’s first (and only) stockist and have both the ready made speakers or the do-it yourself speaker kits available for pre-order.  Please visit our on-line shop for product details or visit us in store to hear your music played on this perfect Father’s Day gift.

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