Society Inc Seine Heart Lock


A practical and gorgeous gift for anyone you love and a piece of functional whimsy. Use it as a petite padlock, a token or memento, or even as a paper weight.

Please note: these locks open with a trick – leave the last spoke of the key outside of the lock before turning to unlock and lock. Supplied with 2 keys.

Size: 6cm long x 4cm wide.

Material: Brass + iron

Care: For indoor use only

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With a history degree and 25 years of industry experience behind her, Sibella Court carries a bag of hard-won magic tricks which she weaves into her role as an interior designer, product designer, author, globetrotter and content creator.

Society Inc. products are hand forged using honest & humble materials. Their imperfections, patinas and variations are intrinsic to the underlying importance of craftsmanship within India.


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