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The Paper Vase Cover is a skin to cover any empty bottle and to turn it into a vase. Adjustable in size by rolling up the paper, the small vase cover will fit a little bottle or glass.

This Paper Vase Cover has been handmade by women of the Pardeshi community; one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Mumbai, India.

Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop operates a workshop together with Tiny Miracles Foundation with a goal to free this community from poverty within 10 years through the provision of employment, healthcare, education and empowerment.

Winner of the interior innovation award in 2013, these vase covers are beautifully packaged in a matching sewn envelope.

Object size: 11 x 8 x 25cm
Packaging size: 12 x 19 x 1cm

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In 2012, Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop opened his workshop in one of the poorest areas of Mumbai, India. He works with the Tiny Miracles Foundation, founded by his cousin Laurien Meuter in 2010. In the workshop he teaches men and women how to produce high-end design. It requires patience and persistence to teach fine skills to people who have never worked before. The community becomes increasingly self confident through meaningful jobs and income. Tiny Miracles Foundation has set the ambition to break the poverty cycle of the 700 people Pardeshi community by 2020.