Paper Series Piccolo Keeper


Super cute Piccolo Keeper Cup in Hayden Youlley’s porcelain paper series.

  • Keeper Cups are a Piccolo Coffee size – 125 mL (4oz)
  • Each cup comes with a silicone lid
  • Each cup is dishwasher and microwave safe
  • All cups are hand made by Hayden in his Marrickville studio.

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The Paper series is a functional dinnerware series that uses a simple creased paper form by Hayden Youlley. This form by hand in porcelain, transforming the often-discarded flawed object, fragile and temporary, into something robust and permanent.

This work is about using porcelain to create a surprising tactile experience. The simple, random distribution of creases in the porcelain surface of the objects creates complex patterns of light, shade and texture that disrupt the smooth surface to mimic crushed paper and invite investigation and touch.