Nikki Dowdell Low Mug | Red


This beautiful cup is made from hand thrown stoneware and features a red finish unique to Nikki Dowdell’s magic glaze talent.

It meaures L130 x W100 x H50mm

Please allow for and celebrate the minor discrepancies from the image due to the hand made nature of the piece.

Hand wash only.


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Nikki Dowdell is an Adelaide based ceramic artist creating wheel thrown vessels and functional pieces in porcelain and stoneware, implementing a wide range of high-fire gas reduction glazes which she has developed over the years. Through her work Nikki strives to evoke a sense of the natural and organic – sometimes muted and understated, but predominantly colourful, playful and vivid. Her interest in glaze chemistry informs much of the development of her work, with each firing leading to new discoveries and possibilities.


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