Loot Basket Set by Society Inc


This loot-worthy set of baskets is the solution to any number of storage quandries. Reminiscent of old school waste paper baskets in aged brass finish wire, these vessels are made all the more fancier with a subtle brass shield.

Large: 40.5cm high x 28.5cm dia top (24cm dia base)

Medium: 30.5cm high x 22.5cm dia top (19cm dia base)

Small: 22.5cm high x 16cm dia top (14cm dia base)

Finish: aged brass-finish wire

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With a history degree and 25 years of industry experience behind her, Sibella Court carries a bag of hard-won magic tricks which she weaves into her role as an interior designer, product designer, author, globetrotter and content creator.

Society Inc. products are hand forged using honest & humble materials. Their imperfections, patinas and variations are intrinsic to the underlying importance of craftsmanship within India.