Days of August | Blanket Stitch Earrings Pink


These lovely stud earrings feature blanket stitching in hunter green cotton.

  • Stud measures 20mm diameter
  • Locally sourced reclaimed Stainless Steel
  • Hand polished to a brush finish
  • Welded Stainless Steel Ear Posts
  • Stainless Steel ear backs
  • Hypoallergenic (nickel free)
  • Strong and durable
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Handcrafted in small runs in Days of August’s Adelaide Studio

These earrings are made by Adelaide studio, Days of August (Marie Pier-Labelle).  The ethical sourcing and ecological practices adopted by Days of August makes every jewellery piece carbon neutral.

All Days of August pieces are packaged in lovely charcoal felt pouches, ready for gifting.

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How do I care for my Jewellery?

Our stainless steel jewellery is designed to never tarnish or discolour. If however, your piece gets scratched, a piece of sandpaper is all you need to make it look as good as new. Just put the sandpaper on a flat surface and rub your piece in long strokes, following the grain of the stainless steel. Do not use this technique if your stainless steel piece is embroidered with cotton.

Our jewellery must never be submerged in water. In the event of an accident with a powder coated item, it can easily be touched up with enamel paint. Tiny tins of said paint can be purchased from hobby stores for under $3. Feel free to contact us for the code of the exact enamel paint colour you need.


Why reclaimed stainless steel?

Days of August reclaim industrial grade stainless steel offcuts from a local machinist in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. It is between 1.2mm and 2mm thick, which is much thicker than the 0.4mm standard used in the industry.

Once the stainless steel is looking like new again, it will remain that way forever.

  • It will not tarnish or oxidise, so you don’t have to clean it. Ever.
  • It is hypoallergenic. It is the safest metal to have against your skin. Even super sensitive skin.
  • It is super strong and durable to last a lifetime. Or two. (or three!)
  • Being quite affordable, it makes it possible larger pieces to be made without them being priced out of reach.
  • It is a great, solid base to create earrings and necklaces by spot welding it, and using powder coating or embroidery to add colour to it.
  • The reclaimed, sustainable nature of the material contributes to Days of August being carbon neutral.

All the other components – like chains and ear posts – are also stainless steel.