Bonnie and Neil Short Begonia Vase | Terracotta


This striking tall vase features original artwork by Melbourne studio Bonnie and Neil, hand painted on matt ceramic.

Measures 21cm high.

Please note that the hand made process may result in a slightly different placement of imagery to the product shown.  Please allow for and celebrate any variations.

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One of Australia’s most popular independent textile brands, Bonnie and Neil is the creation of design duo Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie.

Bringing together their backgrounds in floristry, fine art, textiles, furniture making and set design, Bonnie and Neil are known for their vibrant collections of handmade products for the home.  Creatively influenced by their surroundings and travels around the world, Bonnie and Neil’s extensive product range is functional, modern and timeless.

Their approach to design involves a combination of traditional printing methods paired with different applications they’ve developed over the years.  Bonnie and Neil products are hand screen printed on natural materials at their studio in Melbourne.  It’s this handcrafted, organic process that makes each piece unique.

From humble beginnings in a tiny workspace creating products for a few local stockists, Bonnie and Neil can now be found on almost every continent.  Their production team has expanded but the couple still design and handcraft product themselves maintaining the integrity of the ‘Australian made’ brand that they originally launched in 2010.

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