AMPLFY Ruby Speaker


The AMPLFY Ruby Speaker, is an incredibly powerful portable bluetooth speaker, hand-crafted and encased in genuine ex-army 50 Cal. ammunition cases. Each speaker is comprised of both new and up-cycled quality electronics, meaning hifi audio at a fraction of the cost.

The Ruby Speaker consists of a 20 Watt, highly efficient Tri-path Amplifier, in combination with a 12 Volt, 12 cell lithium-ion battery pack, which will outperform and outlast almost all commercially sold speakers on the market today.

Despite its unique look, the robust design means you can use it almost anywhere; whether you want to take it to the beach, work, camping or just for use around home.

Each portable speaker is hand-crafted at Social Enterprise Substation33, by a team of young individuals currently participating employment support programs, who are eager to learn the basics of electronics and are looking for a stepping stone into full-time employment.



AMPLFY is a social enterprise built on the core tenets of trust, integrity and cooperation. The business aims to operate outside the domain of competition by creating a win-win platform (in development) by which all users benefit. AMPLFY is a current graduate of the Impact Academy incubator program, and has recently partnered up with fellow Social Enterprise, Substation33.

The business empowers users to learn how to build technologies, which are critical to the technological, social and economic development of a community. The end goal is to educate users to develop a skill, create a sustainable source of income and have a positive social impact.

At the moment AMPLFY specialises in creating unique hand-made portable speakers, comprised of both new and recycled electronics. Each speaker has been designed specifically, so that our users are able to gain an introductory knowledge of electronics, through the creation of portable audio systems.

Throughout the entire creation process AMPLFY integrates people currently participating in Substation33’s employment support program. Their roles scope from sourcing materials, dismantling electronics, assembling battery packs to building fully functional portable speakers. In cooperation with Substation 33, It is our aim to provide the skills and the support necessary to allow  these participants to enter a new phase in their personal and professional development.