St Etienne Lace Earrings


Evolving from a piece of lace, these earrings are intricate and beautifully detailed. Each piece has been cast in sterling silver, before being hand-plated in 9k gold and assembled in LoveHate’s Melbourne studio.

Earring size: 28mm x 35mm


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Jewellery Care: 
LoveHate jewellery is delicately handcrafted using high quality materials.   Each piece is so versatile that you can wear it lots, however there’s some places it doesn’t like to go:

  • Water is not a friend to delicate jewellery, so it’s best to remove it before you go for a dip or exercise.
  • To avoid tangling, remove before bed and be mindful with scarves, bag straps and long hair.
  • Let your sunscreen/moisturiser dry before putting your jewellery on and avoid spraying perfume near it (as it can discolour).
  • Store your jewellery in its box when not in use and away from humid environments such as the bathroom.
  • To keep your jewellery shining bright, gently rub with a polishing cloth.

Treated kindly, your jewellery will stay gorgeous for you to wear for years to come.



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