Lemon Quartz Drops


Handmade gold plated earrings with hanging semi precious stone lemon quartz.
Length: 3cm  (stone: 1cm x 1cm)
Packaged in a lovely, black velvet box.


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Lemon quartz is a popular trade name for a lemon-yellow variety of color-enhanced transparent quartz.

Lemon quartz is sometimes referred to as ‘Oro Verde’ and it is often confused with citrine quartz, due to its very similar appearance. In fact, the line that distinguishes citrine quartz from lemon quartz is somewhat debatable. In general, for quartz to be traded as ‘citrine’, it must be naturally colored or enhanced by heat-treatment only. Lemon quartz is typically lemon-yellow and is often accompanied by a greenish tone.

Lemon quartz obtains its brilliant sparkling color through an artificial gamma-ray irradiation process followed by a mild heat treatment. Not all quartz can be made into sparkling lemon quartz. Most aluminum-rich quartz will turn near-black to black when irradiated; though some yellowish-brown aluminum-rich quartz can be used to produce lemon quartz if it is first heated and then irradiated. Heat causes the material to lose its color and when it is exposed to irradiation, the yellow color returns. Also, lithium-rich quartz that is exposed to very mild heat (140-280 °C) tends to turn yellowish-green even without irradiation. These could be traded as both citrine or lemon quartz, since they are not irradiated.

(According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), there is no residual radiation left over after the quartz has been exposed to gamma-ray irradiation, which means these gemstones are perfectly safe to handle and wear).