Sage and Clare Laurel Fringe Cushion

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Playful multicolour fringing in Sage and Clare’s signature seasonal colours defines this textural woven chevron cushion. Features hand printed sunflower reverse and includes feather insert.

Sage and Clare’s new Marais collection brings you a treasury of artisanal creations, with texture and colour the key to the collection.

Features zip closure and comes with a high-quality feather insert, this hero piece will easily find a much-loved place in your home. We guarantee it!


Measures 45 cms in diameter

Multicolour front, ditsy floral reverse

100% Cotton construction, Wool shag


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The Farrah Shag cushions is made in Panipat, a famous textile hub of India. After dying the yarn, various qualities of yarn are inserted through the fabric using hand guided machines. With great precision and care, the tufted yarns slowly produce an eye-catching design.

Clare and Sage’s signature ditsy floral was screen printed by hand in Jaipur. This process requires each colour to have its own screen, meaning seven screens were produced by an artisan before being printed individually to create this fabric. The printed fabric is then processed by being heated or ‘cured’ to properly dry and set the colours. Finally the fabric is washed to give the printed fabric a soft hand feel and to ensure the colours remain permanent. The practice of screen printing, particularly in prints as detailed as this one, takes extensive time and is one we’re proud to support for the preservation of this tradition and livelihood of our artisans.