Est 1971 Sunny stripe Windy


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Est 1971 are friends, Sophie and Jayne,  both born in the cracking vintage year, 1971.  The label was conceived out of frustration in an attempt to help solve the never ending search to find the perfect must have pieces.

The windy’s are designed in Main Ridge, Victoria and manufactured in China at a company owned by an Australian couple.  The factory is visited regularly by Sophie and Jayne to ensure both ethical and production standards are adhered to.



When you’ve got your hands on an EST 1971 windy, you want to take good care of it! When it’s finally time to peel it off, here’s how to freshen it up again:

  • Cool wash
  • Dry flat (out of direct sunlight).
  • Warm iron
  • Do not tumble dry (unless you want to snap it back into shape a little more)
  • Do not dry clean